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INCI: "Illite"
CAS: 12173-27-6
EINECS: 215-466-5
Red clay (illite) is a mineral composed mainly of aluminium and magnesium silicates. It may also contain small quantities of iron, calcium and other minerals. It is used in the cosmetics industry to make masks and facial care products. Its mineral composition and soft texture make it an ideal choice for cleansing and exfoliating the skin, as well as improving its appearance and texture. CAS: 12173-27-6. EINECS: 215-466-5. INCI: Illite".

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TheRed Clay (Illite)It is a type of clay rich in minerals,
especially iron oxides, which give it its characteristic color
reddish. This clay is mainly extracted from volcanic deposits and is
recognized for its therapeutic and cosmetic properties. Royalbio, leader in the
supply of natural clays, offers this ideal high quality product
for various industrial and cosmetic applications. More information inRoyalbio.

Obtaining and Quality Process

Red clay is obtained through a careful extraction process,
followed by purification and processing to ensure its purity and high
quality. At Royalbio, we ensure that each batch of red clay meets
with the highest quality standards, making our product a
reliable option for companies looking for natural and effective ingredients.

Chemical composition

Red clay contains a mixture of chemical components such as oxides of
iron, silica, magnesium and calcium. These minerals give it its properties
unique, such as its ability to absorb impurities and improve circulation
blood, which makes it ideal for therapeutic and cosmetic applications.

Therapeutic and Cosmetic Properties

Royalbio red clay offers numerous therapeutic benefits,
including improving blood circulation, relieving pain
muscles and joints, and the treatment of skin problems such as acne,
dermatitis and psoriasis. In beauty treatments, it is known for its
exfoliating, toning and regenerative properties, providing skin
cleaner and revitalized.

Applications in the Cosmetic Industry

In the cosmetic industry, red clay is used in a variety of
products, such as facial masks, creams and skin care products
hair. Its ability to absorb toxins and regulate sebum production
It is especially effective for oily and combination skin. Royalbio
proud to supply a superior quality red clay, ideal for
formulate innovative and natural cosmetic products.

Industrial and Artistic Applications

Red clay also has industrial and artistic applications. It's a
popular material in the making of ceramics, sculpture and as a pigment
natural. Its use in archeology and in the creation of artistic products
demonstrates its versatility and value. Royalbio provides high quality red clay
quality that meets the needs of various creative industries.

Health benefits

Red clay is used in health treatments such as geotherapy and
pelotherapy, which take advantage of its thermal and absorption properties to treat
various medical conditions. These treatments help improve
circulation, relieve pain and detoxify the body, offering a focus
natural and effective for well-being.

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Butters, such as shea butter, are rich, creamy ingredients in cosmetics that provide intense hydration and nourishment to the skin. Clay, in cosmetics, is used as a natural ingredient in masks and facial treatments to purify the skin, absorb impurities and promote a healthier appearance. Wax is a component used to thicken, give texture and improve the consistency of products such as lip balms, creams and lotions. It is also widely used in aromatherapy to make candles with natural aromas.

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