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INCI: Olea europaea Fruit Oil
CAS: 8001-25-0
EINECS: 232-277-0
Organic lampante olive oil is extracted from organically cultivated olives and is primarily used for cosmetic purposes and soap making. This lampante oil is typically not intended for consumption due to its lower quality. Its organic composition ensures the absence of pesticides and chemicals, making it a natural and sustainable choice for skincare and handmade soap production. CAS: 8001-25-0. EINECS: 232-277-0. INCI: Olea europaea Fruit Oil.

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Heorganic lampante olive oilIt is a type of oil that, in its natural state, is not suitable for human consumption without a prior refining process due to its high acidity and/or sensory defects. The "organic" designation refers to oils obtained from olive groves grown under rigorous organic standards, without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, ensuring a purer and more environmentally friendly final product.

Ecological and Sustainable Benefits

  • Environmental Impact: The ecological production of lampante olive oil significantly reduces the carbon footprint. By avoiding synthetic chemicals, biodiversity is protected and soil and water quality is conserved.
  • Ecological Certifications: Obtaining certifications such as the European Union for organic products or the USDA Organic in the United States guarantees that the processes meet high environmental standards, offering transparency and complete traceability.

Where can lampante olive oil be applied?

  • Cosmetic Industry: Used as a base for creams, lotions and other personal care products, organic lampante olive oil is appreciated for its emollient and antioxidant properties.
  • Animal Feed: Although it must be refined before use, this oil can be a source of energy and nutrients in animal diets, especially in the feeding of non-ruminant animals.

Key differences between lampante and virgin oil

Virgin oil is characterized by being mechanically extracted and maintaining its flavour, aroma and chemical properties intact, suitable for direct consumption. In contrast, lampante, due to its inferior quality from an organoleptic point of view, requires refining to eliminate impurities and neutralize flavors.

Refining process: From Lampante to suitable for consumption

The lampante oil refining process includes deacidification, deodorization and filtering to correct defects and reduce acidity. This transforms the oil into a neutral product, more stable and suitable for consumption or industrial use.

Rules and regulations for organic oils

Organic oil regulations vary significantly between regions, but commonly include restrictions on the use of chemicals in olive growing and production processes. These regulations ensure the integrity of eco-labelling and promote sustainable agricultural practices.

Organic lampante olive oilRoyalBiois an excellent manifestation of how sustainability can be integrated into the business supply chain, offering businesses of all sizes viable and responsible options. Adopting this oil not only optimizes industrial operations, but also raises the standard of environmental practices in the sector.

Size structure in RoyalBio:

  • 1000 liters: Oriented towards large industrial consumers, which suggests a cost-effective option for large producers or distributors.
  • 200 liters:Suitable for companies with moderate oil needs that are still looking for efficiency in spending.
  • 25 liters:Aimed at small businesses or less frequent uses that require lower volume.
  • 5 liters:Indicated for product testing or very small clients who need minimum quantities.

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Vegetable oils are lipids extracted from plant seeds, fruits or nuts. They are mainly obtained by cold pressing the fleshy pulp and releasing this oil. They are widely used in various fields, such as food, cosmetics, medicine and industry in general.

In the field of facial and body care, vegetable oils play an essential role as natural ingredients that hydrate, nourish and protect the skin. They are recognized for their ability to retain moisture, improve the skin barrier and supply essential nutrients that contribute to the well-being of the skin.

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