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INCI: Glycine Soy
CAS: 8015-86-9
EINECS: 265-146-5
Low melting point soy wax is primarily composed of fatty acids and triglycerides derived from soy, with properties that allow for melting at lower temperatures. This versatile wax is ideal for candle making and cosmetic products, as it easily melts and provides an intense and long-lasting fragrance. Its natural composition makes it an environmentally friendly choice, offering a sustainable alternative for applications that require a lower melting point. CAS: 8015-86-9. EINECS: 265-146-5. INCI: Glycine Soja.

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Low melting soy wax is a natural wax derived from soybean oil, which solidifies at lower temperatures compared to other waxes. This characteristic makes it especially useful for the manufacture of candles and cosmetic products, where a soft texture and melting at a lower temperature are required.

How Low Melting Soy Wax is Made

The production of low-melting soy wax begins with the extraction of oil from soybeans. The oil is hydrogenated to solidify, turning into a wax that melts at lower temperatures. This process ensures that the wax maintains its purity and natural properties, ideal for applications in candles and cosmetics.

Properties of low melting soy wax

Low melting soy wax stands out for its many beneficial properties:

  • Low melting point: melts at lower temperatures, making it easier to handle and use.
  • Biodegradable and renewable: Made from soy, it is an ecological and sustainable option.
  • Toxin-free: Contains no harmful chemicals, making it safe for use in cosmetics and candles.
  • Smooth Texture: Provides a creamy, smooth texture, ideal for cosmetic applications.

Benefits of Low Melting Point Soy Wax for Candles and Cosmetics

Using low-melting soy wax offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Long-lasting candles: Candles made with this wax burn slower and cleaner, producing less soot and smoke.
  • More intense fragrances: Soy wax retains and releases fragrances more effectively, enhancing the olfactory experience.
  • Skin Care: In cosmetic products, soy wax acts as an excellent emollient, moisturizing and softening the skin.
  • Safe Application: Due to its low melting point, it is less likely to cause burns in direct applications to the skin.

Creative Uses for Low Melting Soy Wax

The versatility of low melting soy wax allows for a variety of creative uses:

  • Handmade candles: perfect for creating personalized candles with unique shapes and scents.
  • Balms and creams: used in the manufacture of lip balms, creams and lotions for their texture and benefits for the skin.
  • DIY Projects: Ideal for home and craft projects, offering a safe and easy option to work with.

Why choose Royalbio soy wax

Royalbio, as a wholesaler of natural products, guarantees the highest quality in its low melting point soy wax. Our wax is 100% pure, ecological and free of chemical additives. Ideal for candle and cosmetic product makers, Royalbio offers a high-quality, sustainable solution for all your needs.

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Butters, such as shea butter, are rich, creamy ingredients in cosmetics that provide intense hydration and nourishment to the skin. Clay, in cosmetics, is used as a natural ingredient in masks and facial treatments to purify the skin, absorb impurities and promote a healthier appearance. Wax is a component used to thicken, give texture and improve the consistency of products such as lip balms, creams and lotions. It is also widely used in aromatherapy to make candles with natural aromas.

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