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INCI: Magnesium sulfate
CAS: 7487-88-9; 10034-99-8 (heptahydrate); 18939-43-0
EINECS: 231-298-2
Epsom salts are chemical compounds that contain magnesium and sulfate. They are primarily used in cosmetic products due to their exfoliating and relaxing properties. These salts can also be found in the form of white crystals and dissolve easily in water. Their chemical composition is MgSO4, which makes them a natural source of magnesium and sulfate. In addition to their cosmetic use, Epsom salts are also used in agriculture and medicine as a laxative. CAS: 7487-88-9; 10034-99-8 (heptahydrate); 18939-43-0. EINECS: 231-298-2. INCI: Magnesium sulfate.
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