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Focusing in the Best Service for cosmetics and food industries

Royal Bio is a wholesaler of 100% pure and organic natural ingredients for  cosmetic, food, pharmacy and phytosanitary sectors.

We sell more than 2500 references in vegetable oils, essential oils, butters, waxes, vegetable extracts, alcohol, glycerin, aloe vera, hydrolates, exfoliants, seeds, dried plants, spices, etc.

Our wide variety provides versatility and flexibility to our customer business, regardless their productive capacity.

Originally intended for natural cosmetics, we have expanded our range of products for other sectors such as food Industry, aromatherapy, perfumers, herbal medicine and phytosanitary products.

Quality control and traceability from the origin with all required technical documents

As exporters and importers we have a wide range of natural products from all over the world.

A close relationship with our producers, from more than 30 different origins, allows us to carefully control the entire process. We control our raw materials, from planting to distribution, through extraction and packaging. We take great care of each phase. They are all important to achieve the best product.

At Royal Bio we offer all our products with their technical, safety and batch analysis sheet, rigorously complying with quality controls and traceability, measures that our raw materials require to comply with the requirements of our quality and ecological certificates.

Finding what our client wants and needs in the shortest time is our biggest challenge. We love challenges. If something does not appear in the catalog, do not hesitate to contact us.

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