Availability of: 1000 kg – 200 kg – 25 kg – 5 kg – 1 kg

  • Check Mark INCI: Maleluca alternifolia Leaf Oil
  • Check Mark CAS: 85085-48-9
  • Check Mark EINECS: 285-377-1
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Tea tree essential oil is obtained by water steam distillation of the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia. This is a shrub native to Australia, which in recent years has grown in popularity due to its properties. The presence of terpinene-4-ol stands out in its composition, with a minimum percentage of 35% and γ-terpinene. However, the composition of the tea tree is a much more complex mixture of mono and sesquiterpene alcohols. Tea tree essential oil is currently considered one of the most beneficial oils in aromatherapy.

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