Availability of: 1000 kg – 200 kg – 25 kg – 5 kg – 1 kg

  • Check Mark INCI: Rosa canina Fruit Oil
  • Check Mark CAS: 84603-93-0 / 84696-47-9
  • Check Mark EINECS: 283-652-0
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Rosehip vegetable oil is obtained by the first cold pressing of Rosa canina seeds.

Rosa Mosqueta is a collective term for the different types of wild roses: Rosa Moschata, Rosa rubiginosa (Eglanteria) and Rosa canina. There is a general opinion that the name Rosa Canina is intended to indicate a European origin of rosehip, although according to history all species of wild roses are from Chile. Despite the fact that the exact INCI designation is confused by the taxonomic confusion of different names, in cosmetic terms all species are considered equivalent.

Canine rosehip vegetable oil is a 100% natural product, with multiple cosmetic applications thanks to its beneficial properties for the skin.

The minimum percentage of linolenic acid is 20%.