Availability of: 1000 kg – 200 kg – 25 kg – 5 kg – 1 kg

  • Check Mark INCI: Persea gratissima Oil
  • Check Mark CAS: 8024-32-6
  • Check Mark EINECS: 232-428-0
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Organic avocado vegetable oil is obtained by first cold pressing Persea gratissima’s pulp, and later refining. The refining process manages to give the product greater homogeneity in its chemical and sensory characteristics. This avocado vegetable oil has a high percentage in vitamins E and F, which prevents water loss, hydrating and restoring the natural barrier of the skin, for example; while plant phytosterols have healing and repairing action. The presence of beta-carotenes gives the oil its color. It is a 100% natural and ecological product.

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